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aMohammed Habibullah, Ph.D., Bangladeshi by birth and a naturalized American Citizen, left Bangladesh in 1972 in a quest for higher education and training abroad. A New Jersey resident since the 1970's, he worked throughout his service life in the field of hospital medical devices and equipment in USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and many first world countries.  

Dr. Habibullah brings his expertise in medical products, from development to commercialization, including medical devices and healthcare facility building. Since 1981, his experience includes consulting services to many Fortune 500 companies in the field of medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Management of major research, development and pilot manufacturing of critical human lumbar spinal prosthesis products in China adds to his background.

Dr. Habibullah’s lifelong dream to bring latest medical technologies and treatment to developing countries, is being realized by first setting up a hospital management company, American Hospital Consortium, LLC (AHC) in USA, in 2002. This endeavor is critically linked with America, mobilizing professionals in the fields of medicine, management, IT and engineering. 

Presently Dr. Habibullah oversees the day-to-day management of the American SuperSpecialty Hospital Ltd.(ASHL), an international standard hospital located in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh, as the Chairman & CEO. In 2005, AHC secured, through an International Tender and invitation by the Government of Bangladesh (GOB), a long term lease to equip, manage and operate this hospital.  The awarding of this lease marks the creation of an unprecedented healthcare market opportunity in a country of 150 million people with one of the lowest healthcare services standards in the world. As of January 2008, the hospital is in operation and gradually expanding its medical services.

AHC’s mission is to offer international standard hospital management and medical service delivery capabilities, medical and nursing education - especially in emerging countries through its collaborating hospitals, physicians, nurses, and medical technologists, while leveraging the latest medical technology and equipment from USA and around the globe.

Dr. Habibullah is greatly encouraged by the interest and investment by many non-resident Bangladeshis and other foreign citizens, including assistance from the US Government. The project is primarily funded and managed by US investors and medical professionals. The project is supported by the US Trade and Development Agency and the US Department of Commerce.

Dr. Habibullah welcomes anyone who wants to participate in this effort by visiting, promoting, and supporting this American-Bangladeshi institution.


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