Background of American Hospital Consortium, LLC (AHC)
, USA,
(Parent Company of American SuperSpecialty Hospital Ltd. (ASHL), Bangladesh)

American Hospital Consortium, LLC (AHC), a State of Delaware (USA) corporation, formed in 2002, by a number of health professionals, leading collaborating hospitals, medical informatics professional in the USA and around the world. Collaborating stakeholders of AHC have experience in setting up joint venture medical services in the USA, South America, Middle East, China, Hong Kong and Bangladesh. AHC’s Bangladesh project, first of its kind in Bangladesh, is operating under its subsidiary “American SuperSpecialty Hospital Ltd." (ASHL), incorporated in Bangladesh in 2005.

ASHL’s mission is to offer American Standard hospital management and medical service delivery capabilities, especially in the third world countries, through AHC’s associated American/British Hospitals, Physicians, Nurses and Medical Technologists

The goal of ASHL’s master plan is to turn the hospital building into a Model American/ International Standard Hospital and to offer the people of Bangladesh cutting edge treatments and medical procedures based on high standard of medical practices, services and facilities available in the USA.


ASHL Mission & Objectives

  1. Create a service mentality in medical professionals and achieve highest patient satisfaction among hospitals in Bangladesh
  2. Implement state of the art medical technology and procedures to treat local patients in Bangladesh
  3. Provide critical super specialty medical services which are currently inadequate in Bangladesh. Critically ill patients, needing immediate medical attention, capable of affording higher health care expenses but may not have adequate time to resort to regional countries due to visa complexities.
  4. Provide quality and cost effective treatments which would make it unnecessary for the patient to travel overseas for medical treatment, thus significantly saving hard earned currency for Bangladesh.
  5. Make some services available free of cost to eligible poor patient.
  6. Train and employ local doctors, nurses, medical technologists in new technology, procedures and patient care by employing professionals from USA, UK and other foreign countries
  7. Offer international standard Medical, Nursing and Allied health education.
  8. Offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) to medical professionals


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